Christian "The Goat" Bula

Hi! My name is Christian and I'm a developer based in Montréal, Canada. I like to specialize myself in web creations, but I am also capable of building software, amongst other things. I may not be able to do everything, but I sure am able to find a tutorial for it.

My Skills


C# is the programming language I am the best with. I've mainly used it for college projects, such as a flocking algorithm and a arduino weather app.


Java is a language that I am very familiar and that I've used to the most with and used to make projects like a roulette game and a property management app.


Javascript is the language I used the most at the moment as I enjoy making applications using React and Js since they are easily deployable.


Goes without saying but I've used HTML and CSS for many years and for many different projects


The database language I've used the most throughout my projects. I've also used MongoDB for webapp projects.


NodeJS is basically my go to for web applications. I'm pretty familiar with it and it's what I use the most for server-side computing


As noted before most of my apps were made using React paired up with styled components makes it very comfortable for me to use.


I am very comfortable using GitHub as it has been a program that I've been using to store all of my projects, as well at GitLab on some occasions.


While working as a team, I've used Jira on many occasions to keep up with my current and future tasks within a project

My Projects

Photography portfolio

Just a simple portfolio for photos I take on my free time.

DevStack Website

Company website I have made for DevStack during a 2 month internship

Solar System

Ongoing project of an aesthetic solar system built with ThreeJS